Baker Tilly International member firms have a wealth of expertise across a range of industries. We make it our mission to understand our clients’ industries, delivering grass-roots intelligence to bring our clients the very best insights and advice and help businesses and organisations of all kinds around the world realise their potential within the dynamic environments in which they do business.

With over 30,000 people worldwide, we can assemble the right team with the expert industry knowledge for your business, combining insight from multiple disciplines with extensive business knowledge.

Global private equity

Government and not for profit

Real estate and construction

Against a dynamic backdrop of global economic volatility, enhanced competition, uncertainty of global public equity markets and location specific financial challenges, the role of private equity across the world has become more complex and challenging.

You, as a player in the government and not-for-profit industry, are constantly challenged to manoeuvre between what is possible and what is not with limited resources. Coping with the emphasis of transition from old economy to new emerging ones it is a double challenge

Our real estate experts combine financial management, performance management and know-how with specific tax and legal expertise. We provide our clients with interdisciplinary consultancy services covering the full life cycle of their real estate investment.