In Pursuit of Tomorrow

11 March 2021 4:30pm - 6:00pm CET
You are invited to our Global Client E-Event
Registration fee: £10 (exclusive of VAT). Half of all registration fees will go to an international children’s charity.



As we emerge from 2020 which has shaken the global economy to its core and forced a reset of norms, how do we prepare to pursue tomorrow?

Kevin Gaskell passionately believes that ordinary people can deliver extraordinary results if they are lured to believe in the goal and are offered the opportunity to participate.

What does practical leadership in a challenging market look like? How do we foster creativity in the face of digital chaos? How do we inspire and re-energise our organisations? Kevin will help us answer these questions and many more.

Kevin Gaskell has an enviable record in business. He is a qualified engineer and accountant, has completed an MBA, is a serial entrepreneur building international companies from little more than ‘a good idea’ and still finds time to scale Mount Everest and trek to the North and South poles. He is the author of Inspired Leadership: How You Can Achieve Extraordinary Results in Business.

Kevin Gaskell
Kevin Gaskell - Former CEO of Porsche, Lamborghini and BMW  



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