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Multinational organisations typically have the roles of chief operating officer, general counsel, chief information officer, human relations officer, chief tax officer, chief financial officer, and perhaps a chief compliance officer supporting the business strategy and the chief executive officer. However, in light of recent tax developments, there may now be the opportunity to sculpt a formal position of chief strategic officer.

Chief Strategic Officer: A New World
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Coming back stronger!

Speaking for the first time in the UK and Ireland, international adventurer Robby Kojetin shares his remarkable story of overcoming major injury to reach the summit of Everest in our latest podcast, ‘Coming Back Stronger’

In 2006, a climbing accident left Robby Kojetin in a wheelchair. Surgeons advised him he would never walk again. Three years and 27 days later, Robby reached the summit of Everest.

In our latest podcast Coming Back Stronger, consulting partner Donal Laverty explore how insights from Robby’s experience can be applied to organisations to come back stronger from challenges to ensure great futures for themselves.

Speaking on the podcast, Donal explains: “Organisations face huge change but having built in resilience is what makes high performing organisations stronger and more effective than others. What we look for in organisations is a unity of purpose and having the organisational capability to come out stronger.”

Listen to Donal Laverty and Robby Kojetin discuss how to come back stronger now! 

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