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Our network member in Canada is enhancing its day-to-day operations and client interactions through continued investment in cutting-edge technology.

Investing in industry-leading technology to improve client experience and drive success

Cybersecurity will only become more important as the rise of real-time reporting technologies revolutionise compliance methods. Malware can spread through corrupted updates on accounting software just as it can on any other network.

The Real-time Risks Of Tax Technology
Friday, June 14, 2019

Did you know employee errors were at the heart of IT breaches in 2018?

Organised cyber criminals and opportunist hackers are out there in force. A successful cyber-attack can cause major damage to your business, your reputation and consumer trust

According to a CBS Interactive Inc report, 2019, a large percentage of IT breaches that took place last year started with a simple email being opened: phishing.

Phishing emails are one of the most common methods hackers use to breach accounts. According to Cofense, one out of every seven emails sent to professionals is a phishing message.

Are your businesses IT systems robust enough to counter a cyber-attack? Being proactive about your IT will help reduce worry and the potential risk of fraud, theft and loss of data to your business.

Here, Baker Tilly Staples Rodway shares some simple tips to help you avoid cyber-attacks and maintain strong controls on your business IT systems.

  • Don’t operate your computer with Administrator-level privileges
  • Ensure operating systems and software are patched and kept up-to-date
  • Remove software you don’t need
  • Always run anti-malware software and keep it up-to-date
  • Make sure to back up your data frequently
  • Encrypt your data
  • Educate your staff
  • Have a plan
  • Dispose of old systems carefully.

Find out more about how we can help you improve your cybersecurity and IT infrastructures and implement and assess your security and technology controls using proven tools and deep analysis by certified professionals.

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