Setting the standards for success

Situated in London and led by the CEO and COO, the Global Office supports the day-to-day leadership and management of Baker Tilly International. It recommends the policies and regulations to govern and manage the network ensuring alignment in executing the global strategy.

We also have an International Board which is made up of at least 15 senior partners drawn from member firms across our global network. Baker Tilly looks to these leaders for direction on our values and standards, the procedures governing our operations worldwide – and to set the path for our CEO and Global Office team.

Board directors come from all of our regions and represent firms of every size. The International Board meets in person twice a year, and on other occasions as needed.

The Global Office leadership team
Photo of Francesca Lagerberg
Francesca Lagerberg
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Photo of Sara Jane Knox
Sara Jane Knox
Global Strategy Officer
Photo of Adam Grainger
Adam Grainger
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Photo of Layisha Laypang
Layisha Laypang
Director of Communications and Marketing
Photo of Nick Jeffrey
Nick Jeffrey
Director of Professional Standards
Photo of Androulla Soteri
Androulla Soteri
Director of People
International Board

Francesca Lagerberg (CEO)

London, UK

Audrey Katcher

St Louis, USA

Brian Kreischer (Chair)

Palo Alto, California, USA

Fred Kostecki

St Louis, Missouri, USA

Manuel Aguilar

Mexico City, Mexico

Angela MacPhee

Colorado, USA

Klaus Bauer-Mitterlehner

Vienna, Austria

Xavier Mercade

Barcelona, Spain

Scott Dupuis

Ontario, Canada

Erik Moens

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Thomas Gemmeke

Munich, Germany

Laure Mounier

Angers, France

Ralf Groening

Dusseldorf, Germany

Jingzhi (Justin) Qiu

Beijing, China

Phibion Gwatidzo

Harare, Zimbabwe

David Searle

Auckland, New Zealand

Andrew Heng

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rakesh Shaunak

London, UK

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