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Pragmatic, professional, proactive

To manage or mitigate corporate governance, risk or compliance issues, you need pragmatic solutions, professionally delivered. We do exactly this for a wide range of organisations – from Fortune 500 firms to private, mid-market companies.

Internal audit that looks outside as well as in

How do you keep a focus on efficiency and compliance? Where once you could easily diagnose an issue in a single site or function, you now have interconnected global operations to consider. 

That’s where we thrive. We know the local regulations, benchmarks and nuances – as well as what can get in the way of creating a thriving, compliant business. It all starts with our relationship with you, and the perspective we bring from working in your sector.  

The climate’s changing and so should your business

Taking care of business and looking after our planet are increasingly twin priorities.

Whatever your company’s progress, your ESG goals, delivery progress and reporting have to meet regulators’ growing demands. You also need to make a positive, credible impression on current and future talent – so we support you with that too.

Case study: a huge step towards a smaller footprint

Helping Europe’s second-largest hotel group calculate and mitigate its emissions.

To avoid the worst case, plan for it

What got you here won’t take you there’ could have been written to describe cybersecurity and business continuity.

As your clients and investors demand more from your cyber infrastructure, it’s vital to offer the protection and reassurance they need. And, should the worst happen, we have the expertise to put things right.

The same is true in business continuity. We help you map out the risks to people, premises and systems – then work through the scenarios and how you’ll deal with them.

Helping you swap drain for gain in IFRS 

Switching reporting systems to comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) adds layers of complexity, together with increased time pressures. 

Our specialist teams of professionals can train and assist your people, preparing them for the challenges ahead. We can also manage the whole process on your behalf, providing you with as much resource as you need for as long as you need it. All backed by impeccable service.

How Baker Tilly helps you with governance, risk and compliance

  • Risk management
  • ESG advisory
  • Internal audit
  • Cybersecurity
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Business continuity
  • Board and audit committee governance
  • IFRS reporting
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