Leading by example in the quest to build a sustainable future 

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability have transcended being mere trends. Forward-thinking organisations are leveraging these principles to optimise financial performance, attract and retain top talent, and proactively address climate and ESG compliance risks. And at Baker Tilly, we're no exception.  

Our role as advisor extends beyond navigating evolving regulatory landscapes to safeguarding our clients’ long-term value. It's about leading with ambition - and that starts from within our own organisation.  

One small step, one larger impact 

Like all our members, Baker Tilly US recognises that how they advise their clients is rooted in who they are as an organisation.  

Even before the firm formalised their efforts around ESG, their commitment to building a sustainable future shone through in their emphasis on diversity, inclusion, belonging and societal impact, as well as their dedication to making meaningful contributions to their communities. More recently, the firm began initial steps to formalise their approach to reducing their environmental imprint. 

2023 saw the firm embark on its second year of implementing a dedicated ESG and sustainability strategy.  

With a focus on achieving incremental advancements and maintaining transparency about their journey, they've compiled a collection of stories and metrics that underscore their progress. 

  • In 2023, the firm introduced two new resource groups that support and connect their caregivers and people who are neurodiverse and/or have physical disabilities, and they created easy access to the health and well-being benefits and services they offer team members.    
  • Their materiality assessment put ethics, compliance and independence in the top spot in the eyes of their clients.  
  • They expanded their already robust ethics education platform and increased transparency around the role and responsibilities of their Board of Partners firmwide.  
  • They started on the path to inventory their environmental sustainability data, taking a big leap with the procurement of a metrics-reporting platform to track their GHG emissions.  
  • For clients, the firm established multiple sustainability collaborations with digital reporting companies and the first energy credit marketplace, and embraced their leadership role in navigating the energy credit complexity of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).  

Discover more about how our team in the US is making a difference for their people, clients, communities and our planet in their 2023 Baker Tilly Imprints | Impact Report

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