Case studies
Local understanding for international growth – that’s how Baker Tilly helps businesses flourish around the world.
PE or not PE?
When do you have a taxable presence in a jurisdiction under tax treaties?
Cash pooling. The key to cash flow?
How do you optimise your cash and liquidity management and reduce reliance on external funding and associated funding costs?
Beyond tomorrow™
Leading by example in the quest to build a sustainable future.
Strategic refinancing for sustained business continuity
When refinancing your business now, will secure a profitable tomorrow.
A corporate makeover
Discover how Baker Tilly helped a company improve efficiency, profitability and cash flow.
A lesson in global tax compliance management
Helping clients navigate BEPS 2.0 - Pillar Two implementation.
A huge step towards a smaller footprint
Helping Europe’s second-largest hotel group calculate and mitigate its emissions.
In the transfer zone
Helping a multinational group achieve optimal results through strategic transfer pricing solutions.
When the best service is self-service
How member firms in the US and Dominican Republic took the hard work out of paperwork.
Robo-tax wizards
Improving a Fortune 500 company's tax return process using robotic automation, enhancing data quality, cutting time costs, and ensuring compliance.
Strategic synergy
How Baker Tilly helped identify targets to support a client’s strategic growth.
One size does not fit all
How Baker Tilly took the burden out of change for a client with complex financial and accounting needs.
Virtual tax reality
Can a business be subject to tax in a country where it has no physical presence?
Setting the wheels in motion
Helping integrate new teams while nurturing company culture and aligning tax structures.
When less is more
How Baker Tilly brought the benefits of central co-ordination to global operations.
Conquering new markets
How our experts delivered the legal insight necessary to support global expansion.
Game-changing restructure
Helping an international sports retail group restructure their subsidiaries.
Making AI accountable
How Baker Tilly developed a framework for evaluating the responsible use of AI.
Keeping one step ahead
Helping a large not-for-profit leverage GHG emissions reporting to improve their chance of winning a competitive tender.
Today’s planning, tomorrow's peace of mind
Planning for your future by balancing short-term gain with long-term protection.
Influencer impact
How a multidisciplinary approach helps clients decipher when influencer marketing services activate withholding taxes.
When selling is the best option
Discover how Flexxolutions strategically sold a majority stake while ensuring the continuity and involvement of its founders, paving the way for sustainable growth and success.
Next-generation data synergy
How Baker Tilly harnesses technology to streamline financial and accounting processes.
The all-in-one advantage
Harnessing a multidisciplinary approach to optimise resources and time.
Energising road cycling
Teaming up to support the expansion of Red Bull’s global sports portfolio.
Going global
Helping a large Australian-based client validate its investment thesis.
Coming home
Navigating the journey of relocating back to the UK.
People on the ground.
Wherever the opportunity lands.
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