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1 April, 2024

Helping a large Australian-based client validate its investment thesis

How do you navigate the complex financial, tax and human resource implications and risks that come hand-in-hand with acquiring international assets? That was the challenge faced by the Angus Knight Group. 

An Australian-owned company, the Angus Knight Group delivers employment services, innovative education, and community development programmes in Australia, Sweden, Canada and the UK. 

When the group decided to acquire key international assets in Canada, Italy and Singapore as part of their international growth strategy, they reached out to our US team to help them validate their investment thesis – all under a short timeframe. 

Tapping into local knowledge 

Our US team was able to tap into the local market knowledge of our teams on the ground in each of Angus Knight’s target markets – co-ordinating that intelligence centrally and feeding it back to the client. 

As well as advising on the financial aspects of the purchase agreements, we connected the client with our human resource diligence specialists to help them navigate all aspects of the acquisition. 

An eye for detail

Our due diligence of the targets identified notable unrecorded debt-like items and potential tax exposures that resulted in adjustments to the purchase price. 

The quality of earnings analysis our team performed additionally revealed issues with underlying free cash flows that would not have been identified through an analysis of adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA) alone.

Our findings gave the client the information they needed to successfully complete their acquisitions - expanding their global capabilities and strengthening their competitive advantage in the fast-growing employment services market.

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