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Tax efficiency in every language

It’s hard to predict what will happen next within any given market or in an ever-changing global economy. That’s why businesses need specialised global tax insight and advice to meet changing tax scenarios, strategies and obligations.

The difference at Baker Tilly? Service.

With on-the-ground expertise in territories around the world, our advisers know the latest developments, regulations and changes in every jurisdiction – and how they will affect your business.

Importantly, our people talk to each other. That’s how we find the best solutions across borders and continents. So you can make the right decisions for now and tomorrow.

Top-level strategy to bottom line

With tax, it’s often the second-best answer that proves to be the right fit. Too often, the very best tax answer may not be the best answer for your business – especially if it doesn’t take a holistic view of your strategy and operations, or if it is going to be disruptive.

Baker Tilly advisers know you and your business. They ask questions, dismantle obstacles and challenge established thinking, so you can grow with confidence. 

We also know our place in your business. We can support you centrally by replicating a whole tax department. We can co-source specific functions or mobilise deep technical specialists to support your existing teams. We work with what works for you. 

See an uptick, not a checklist

At Baker Tilly, we believe that opportunities lie beyond the must-dos of tax compliance – the filling out of forms by a specific due date. We do more than tick boxes: we lay the groundwork for what happens next. The best long-term strategies? The ones that consider all the angles. 

Our advisers bring fresh perspectives, open minds and sharp focus. Above all, we bring a practical, business-first approach: any tax strategy must sit alongside your overall strategy.

We explore possibilities, connecting our tax advisory knowledge with your knowledge of your business today – and what you want to achieve tomorrow. We uncover hidden incentives, opportunities and efficiencies – to unlock growth and streamline your business.

Your global tax challenges, solved

Simplify the work of cross-border business, leverage the power of our international network, and combine local insights with global expertise.

How Baker Tilly helps you with tax

Corporate tax

The right structures for you to thrive. Delivered by the right people: yours and ours.
Corporate tax

International tax

From a city tax return to double tax treaties, international tax never stands still. Nor do we.
International tax

Transfer pricing

As requirements shift and liabilities change, choose a partner that will scale-up or down with your needs.
Transfer pricing

Indirect tax

Good advisors have offices in every territory. Great advisors have people who work across them.
Indirect tax

Global mobility

Support your people, and find the most cost-effective answers for your business.
Global mobility

Private clients

The best plan for your global tax? Painstaking, specific and utterly bespoke.
Private clients
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Head of Tax
Baker Tilly International
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