Robo-tax wizards

11 January, 2024

Streamlining accounting with cutting-edge robotics

In the realm of taxation, the adage 'big risks, big rewards' takes on a new meaning: the larger the entity, the more intricate and nuanced the tax landscape becomes, and the more severe the penalties for any missteps or oversights. 

When our tax experts assisted a Fortune 500 global company with their annual tax return – all within a short turnaround time – we identified a number of possible enhancements to streamline what is traditionally a manual, labour-intensive process.

Letting technology take the strain

By introducing a robotic process automation (RPA) system, our team has improved the completeness and quality of data gathered for the client, resulting in a reduced time cost and lower risk of human error. 

It has also afforded our tax experts more time to review and complete the necessary tax returns on a timelier basis – a win-win for the client, for whom a meticulous and strategic approach to tax compliance is not just a financial necessity but a crucial pillar for sustaining their long-term success.

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