A huge step towards a smaller footprint

4 March, 2024

Helping Europe’s second-largest hotel group calculate and mitigate its emissions.

With 1,700 1-5 star hotels across 60 countries, how do you measure and monitor your global carbon footprint? This was the challenge set by the Louvre Hotels Group.  

With strengthened EU sustainability regulations looming, carbon accounting is an increasing focus for reporting. Our client needed expert input to support its compliance – now, and in the future. It was now looking to structure and improve its carbon indicators in order to comply with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). 

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) team in France set about delivering .

The details reveal the bigger picture

To understand Louvre Hotels Group’s carbon footprint, experts from Baker Tilly France focused on Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions  . These are set out in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG), the international standard for measuring and managing indirect emissions from an organisation’s activities. 

Our team calculated the carbon footprints of each of 16 representative hotels in three European countries: France, Germany and Poland. Then emissions data from 2022 was included to show the carbon footprint of the Group’s headquarters – it came to 12% of the group’s greenhouse gas emissions. The main source of emissions was purchases, such as maintenance, hygiene and laundry services. Second were fixed assets like cars and furniture. Mobility (which includes travel) was third. 

Our team now had the data it needed to work out the carbon footprint for the entire Group. 

From value chain to eco-gain

For the entire Group, Baker Tilly France set out a four-part, low-carbon action plan focused on purchases, mobility, fixed assets and energy. This will give the headquarters and hotel-based teams everything they need to comply with The Paris Agreement: a legally binding international treaty on climate change.

A significant part of the plan is given over to involving individual hotels in the process – after all, they make up a large part of the group’s overall carbon footprint. This work, together with the monitoring of hotels’ GHG emissions, will help Louvre Hotels Group as it moves to net zero.

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