Setting the wheels in motion

15 November, 2023

Helping integrate new teams while nurturing company culture and aligning tax structures

Understanding culture, and proactively managing it, together with aligning practicalities like salary structures, is critical to the successful integration of new entities into an organisation. 

And that was the issue facing one the leading bike brands in the industry when they acquired a number of existing bike stores across Belgium. 

Aligning practicalities 

The company, headquartered in the US, co-ordinated the takeover of the new Belgium stores from their EU-based subsidiary in the Netherlands. 

Their main concern was making the transition for the new employees as smooth as possible. At the same time, they wanted to maintain company culture and align the salary structure of the new team with the practices of their Dutch-based subsidiary.   

Recognising that inheriting another organisation’s pay bands and salary levels can throw up a number of challenges, the client’s original request to the team at Baker Tilly was to support them with their payroll.

A smooth ride

Before setting up and implementing the new payroll, our team of global mobility experts analysed and aligned the salary packages of employees across both the client’s Dutch and Belgian stores. 

This harmonisation was important to not only ensure the client engaged their new staff and all practical questions from employees were answered, but also to ensure the company didn’t end up in hot water legally. 

The process led to our team suggesting a new international payroll structure for the client designed to further optimise and support its future growth plans.

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