Game-changing restructure

21 September, 2023

Helping an international sports retail group restructure their subsidiaries

Restructuring a business can raise complex issues even when the legal regimes and customs are local. That complexity is magnified when transactions travel across jurisdictional boundaries. 

So, when a global sports retail group decided to restructure their local and international subsidiaries, they turned to our team of legal experts in Spain for support.

With the client needing to understand the legal requirements of restructuring across multiple jurisdictions, our experts in Spain teamed up with colleagues in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Norway and the UK to deliver the global insight they required.

Optimising global presence. Complying with local regulations

Bring an understanding of the legal and reporting nuances of each country in which the client had a presence, our cross-border team ensured compliance with local regulations whilst meeting the client’s business goals of restructuring. 

And with an eye towards the client’s future expansions plans, our team also established subsidiaries in new countries – ensuring they are positioned now, to take advantage of tomorrow’s growth opportunities. 

Discover our recovery and restructuring legal exeprtise

Our connected international team covers every jurisdiction – and every angle.

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