The all-in-one advantage

1 March, 2022

Harnessing a multidisciplinary approach to optimise resources and time.

Strategies that keep you innovative and competitive can open new doors. They can also bring new and unexpected challenges, including increased compliance risk.

As one of Italy’s largest publicly traded companies, ReWay Group was looking for a single advisor to work alongside their internal teams to help them stay on top of the complexities of whistleblowing regulations, personal data protection laws and corporate liability issues, and ensure they met their tax obligations. 

And all while they continue to grow their business. 

Skilful collaboration 

Harnessing a multidisciplinary approach, we put together a team of legal and tax experts to collaboratively work alongside ReWay Group to deliver comprehensive compliance guidance. 

The outcome?

Streamlined resources, optimised time commitment for the client, and meticulous compliance oversight at every stage of their growth journey.

Discover our data protection and IP law expertise

For a share purchase agreement. For M&A. For whatever comes next, anywhere in the world.

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