International Board

The International Board, which consists of a minimum of 15 elected members, has ultimate responsibility for upholding the values and standards and setting the procedures of the network, and oversees the work of the CEO and the Global Office team.

Tim Christen, former managing partner of Baker Tilly in the US, is the current chair of the International Board. 

Board members are drawn from individuals who are, or have previously been, senior partners (or the equivalent) of Baker Tilly member firms and are elected for a four-year term by representatives exercising their votes through their member firms. The Board comprises directors from each of our regions and represents member firms of different sizes.

The International Board meets in person twice a year and on further occasions as required.


Tim Christen
Madison, Wisconsin, USA


Manuel Aguilar
Mexico City, Mexico

John Brazzale
Melbourne, Australia

Thierry Croisey
Angers, France

Dilip B Desai
Mumbai, India

Grant Galbraith
Halifax, Canada

Ralf Groening
Dusseldorf, Germany

Andrew Heng
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Gonzalo Hordeňana
Montevideo, Uruguay

Phibion Gwatidzo
Harare, Zimbabwe

Marios Klitou
Nicosia, Cyprus

Fred Kosteki
St Louis, Missouri, USA

Brian Kreischer
Palo Alto, California, USA

Angela MacPhee
Colorado, USA

Xavier Mercade
Barcelona, Spain

Erik Moens
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Jingzhi (Justin) Qiu
Beijing, China

Rakesh Shaunak
London, UK

Ted Verkade
London, UK

Alan Whitman
Chicago, Illinois, USA

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