Government and not-for-profit

You, as a player in the global government and not-for-profit industry, are constantly challenged to manoeuvre between what is possible and what is not with limited resources. The continuing transition of old economies into new emerging ones it is a double challenge.

At Baker Tilly we understand the important role played by the government and not-for-profit sector at both a national and international level.

Improving performance, accountability and transparency is important to organisations of all kinds. Development agencies are increasingly using beneficiary structures to dispense aid through budget support and sectorial aid. This decentralised management requires service providers to have knowledge and experience of both local market conditions and each donors' individual requirements and priorities.

Our globally located member firms are experienced in working with international institutions including the European Union, global donors (including the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and non-governmental organisations. We have carried out numerous (grant) audits and consulting projects.

Our strength lies in combining expert knowledge of local business environments and cultures, with global awareness, presence and industry know-how.

Our services include:

  • Compliance audits or verification missions of public funds and grants
  • Monitoring and evaluation of public policies and programmes
  • Audit of government and not-for-profit sector and non-governmental organisations
  • System and technical audits
  • Performance and non-financial reporting audit.

Our proven track record in working with government and not-for-profit institutions, co-operation agencies and governments gives us genuine insight into and an understanding of the sector’s operating environment. Coupled with our knowledge of the sensitive mix of legal, economic, political and public relations issues faced by governments, governmental bodies and regulators, we are uniquely placed to advise you.

By combining local knowledge with international expertise, we deliver the highest standards, service and quality.

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Barry Damen

Barry Damen

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