Corporate law

Business law

From the formation of a company through to its liquidation, the work of our specialised corporate lawyers covers an organisation’s entire lifecycle. Our consulting teams not only provide up-to-the minute advisory and project-related advice, but also expertise for national and international clients on all aspects of day-to-day business.

Our longstanding expertise, our economic understanding and our entrepreneurial approach is valued by large multinational organisations, medium-sized entities and financial investors, as well as start-ups. We guide our clients on shareholder negotiations and transforming these negotiations into sound contract language to form a reliable constitution for each individual company. Even beyond the formation of a company or a group’s restructuring process, we provide customised services to keep your business running smoothly while ensuring growth.

Alongside auditors, tax and management consultants, we work with specialists from different disciplines, co-ordinate our internal interdisciplinary services and external experts' work (eg notaries or patent attorneys). As a result, we deliver tailored solutions to fit each unique corporate structure. Our attention to detail and thorough understanding of the national requirements in each jurisdiction, means we can set up a stable corporate environment for each business, becoming a reliable partner for any challenges along the way.

Our we offer the following core competences:

  • Company formation/foundation and liquidation
  • Restructuring of groups and companies
  • Current corporate and group law consultancy
  • Preparation, support and follow-up of annual general meetings and shareholder meetings
  • Assumption of supervisory and advisory board positions
  • Legal support for IPOs and de-listings
  • Capital market law
  • Corporate governance and compliance

Stephan Zuber