Employment law

Employment rights

We advise multinational organisations, medium-sized entities and start-ups on all aspects of employment.

We develop customised contractual frameworks that foster a solid relationship with your employees all around the globe. Utilising best practice in all matters concerning individual and collective employment, you can rely on our highly trained lawyers to deliver tailored solutions which are as unique as each employee.

When the situation calls for it, our thorough understanding of the requirements in each jurisdiction and our awareness of the intricacies of domestic and international employment law can be relied upon to protect you from unnecessary litigation or strengthen your position in settlement negotiations. Our aim is to provide guidance, whether it be the provisions of social security law or integrating a new pension scheme, so that you have more time for your business. By applying our economic understanding and, most importantly, paying attention to your current needs, we will be your reliable partner, helping you to set up new incentive schemes or organise temporary employment, thus ensuring growth.

Our range of services includes:

  • All employment-related issues, such as hiring and termination
  • Drafting and termination of employment agreements for managing directors and executive board members
  • Industrial constitutional law and collective bargaining law
  • Settlement of interests and social compensation plans
  • European employment law
  • Temporary employment
  • Schemes for working hours and remuneration
  • Consultancy on corporate transactions and restructuring (employment law support for M&As)
  • Issues concerning social security law
  • Commercial agency law
  • Company pension schemes

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