When selling is the best option

12 April, 2023

Do you sell your whole business of just a piece of it?

For many companies, the next step in their growth journey is acquiring a new company to expand their business offering. For others, it’s selling the company outright. 

For Flexxolutions, a manufacturer of sustainable technical textile products with few direct competitors, it was selling a majority stake in the business.

But what made the search for an investor complex was the future role of the company’s three founders. Each held an operational and/or managerial role within the company but was undecided about what their ongoing role within the company, post-sale, would look like – if anything.

A helping hand

Discretion was a key concern for Flexxolutions during the search for an investor. Confidential information about their niche offering and production methods needed to remain just that – confidential. 

For potential investors, concerns centered around the future of the founders. Traditionally, investors prefer the entire management team to remain in place to ensure continuity. A management team undecided about its future is less attractive. 

Our Dutch team of experts handled the entire sales process: from compiling a list of potential investors and sales documentation, through to co-ordinating due diligence on the investors and preparing the final transaction documentation. 

They made sure that potential buyers were informed upfront about the management’s future. Working with the founders, they made a detailed and clear continuity plan to provide potential buyers with peace of mind.

Keeping in the game 

The outcome was the successful sale of a 75% stake in Flexxolutions to private equity firm Anders Invest. 

The three founding members remained minority shareholders and are still involved in the future development of Flexxolutions – ensuring the best outcome for the business now, and in the future. 

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