Global mobility

International groups which have staff working on assignment overseas will understand the benefits to be gained from supporting their employees whilst in their temporary working location and ensuring they are free to concentrate on their work.

Support in relation to expatriate taxes and social security requirements is key and careful planning can minimise the burden for both employees and employers.

We provide international groups with a full spectrum of global mobility services. Some of the ways in which we can help include:

  • Entry interviews to familiarise newly arrived expatriates with the tax and social security systems
  • The preparation of tax returns for expatriates for the duration of their secondment
  • Dealing with any other filings with which they will need to comply during their stay
  • Exit interviews at the end of the secondment, to tidy up any loose ends.
  • Preparing letters of assignment for employees moving abroad
  • Adjusting stock option plans so as to reflect periods of foreign service
  • Adjusting company pension plans as required
  • Payroll implications of employees moving abroad
  • Dealing with immigration requirements.

Read our global mobility brochure.

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